How to Avoid Feelings of Guilt When Taking a Respite Care Break


Feelings of guilt are so prevalent among family caregivers that it even has a name: “caregiver guilt.” Many caregivers feel guilty because they believe they’re not providing adequate care; they experience guilt over feeling frustrated and angry about their chaotic life or lack of control, or over their need to take a respite care break.

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Caregiver Health: Depression and Caregiving


Family caregivers spend an average of more than 24 hours a week helping their loved ones continue to live at home. Unfortunately, this time commitment and all the other obligations a caregiver has often put their physical and mental health at the bottom of their to-do list.

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What Services Do In-Home Caregivers Provide?


As the senior population continues to grow through the coming-of-age of the baby boomers, the demand for in-home care is also increasing. While many families can help their aging loved ones remain at home by offering some assistance with daily living activities, they often need additional help as a family member’s needs increase.

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